Article 4 Directions

An Article 4 Direction is a special planning regulation that gives additional planning control in a particular location (like a conservation area). It removes the permitted development rights for works like extensions, porches, replacement windows and doors, or painting the exterior of a building.

Article 4 Directions apply in the following three cases:

  • under article 4(1) - to listed buildings only
  • under article 4(1) - to other buildings
  • under article 4(2) - to dwelling houses in conservation areas

Article 4 Directions for North Somerset

We have included below for your reference major documents relating to the adoption of Article 4 Directions for each major conservation site or area under our management.

Please note that the below files contain scans of historical documents and may be difficult to read.

If you need assistance, please contact our Planning team, or put in a request to order document copies.