Nuisances, pollution and environmental issues

The way you make an online report to us has changed. You can either sign in to make your report or continue as a guest. If you continue as a guest you won’t be able to see updates about your report.

Pollution and nuisances

Information about air quality, noise complaints, pest control, contaminated land, asbestos, bonfires and fly-tipping.

Lost or stray dogs

What we'll do if we find a stray dog, and what you should do. You can also report your dog as missing here.

Food hygiene rating

Find out about food hygiene ratings and access further information on the Food Standards Agency website.

Food business complaints

How you can contact us to report a food hygiene concern and what we will do about it.

Flooding and drainage

Reporting a flood, preparing for flooding, drainage, flood investigations, flood risk asset register and flood relief schemes.

Environmental permits

Information about applying for permits to operate a regulated facility.