Complaints and feedback

Complaints about council services

Find out how to make a complaint if you are unhappy with a service you have received from the council

Complaints about councillors

How to make a complaint about the behaviour or conduct of an elected or co-opted councillor 

Complaints about social services

How to complain about a social care service you are receiving from us

Complaints about schools

Information on complaining about your child's school


Make a compliment about a council service

Make a comment, suggestion or enquiry

Comment on a council service, or make an enquiry or suggestion

Procedure for complaining about council services

Read what our procedure for complaints covers

Data protection and freedom of information complaints procedure

Procedure to follow if you feel you have not been given the information you have asked for


How to report a wrongdoing within the council without fear of being harassed or victimised

Our customer service standards

Our customer service standards will let you know what you can expect from us when receiving our services, and what we expect from you