Voting and elections

Register to vote

Are you on the electoral register? visit the GOV.UK website to register to vote

Register to vote

How to register to vote, who is eligible, special arrangements for registering and what happens after you’ve registered

Voter ID

Find out what forms of voter ID are accepted when you vote in North Somerset

British overseas voters

Find out how to register to vote if you are a British citizen living overseas

Upcoming and scheduled elections

Information on upcoming elections including candidates, timetables, and deadlines

Previous election results

View past election results

Absent voting, postal or proxy voting

How to apply for, cancel, and renew a postal vote or proxy vote

The electoral register

Information on the electoral register and how to opt out of the open register

Working for us at an election

How to apply to work for us at elections, job descriptions, and rates of pay

Help for disabled voters

How we make our polling stations accessible and alternative ways of voting if you can’t come to the polling station

Information for Town and Parish Councils

Information on notices of vacancy and the by-election process

Annual review of electoral registration

What the annual canvass is, how to respond, and what happens next

Parliamentary boundary reviews

What the review is, when it’s happening, and how to respond to the proposals

Publication of verification number

What the verification number is used for and its current value

Polling districts and polling places review 2023

Information on polling arrangements and places