Councillors and committees


Find a councillor, see who our executive members are and view declarations of interest

Decisions and meetings

Information about council meetings, director and executive member decisions and public notices

Council constitution

Our constitution explains how we make decisions and deliver our services and how you can have your say

Forward plan

Our forward plan lists the key decisions due to be made by the council, the executive, an executive member or a director

Council make-up

The number of seats that each political group holds on the council and names of group leaders


A councillor is chosen each year to represent the council at events and promote the area - you can ask the chairperson to attend your civic event


Wards are geographic subdivisions of a local authority area - find out about ours

Our MPs

Details of our current MPs and the constituencies they represent

Town and parish councils

Contact details for our 39 town and parish councils run by locally elected councillors