Trading standards

About trading standards

Check to see if a product has been recalled, report food crime and find out where to get help and advice

Animal activities licensing

Information on licences required for different animal activities

Animal health and welfare

Find out how we enforce legislation regulating the health and welfare of farm animals,  How to report a problem if you suspect any form of cruelty to animals

Business advice

Where to find business advice

Buy wise, be safe

Find out about what practicable steps you can take to ensure child safety

Buy with confidence

Information on the Buy with confidence scheme

Explosives and fireworks

Information about what you must do if you intend to sell fireworks or store explosives

Pet travel scheme (PETS)

Find out if you pet needs to go into quarantine when you travel with them

Petroleum storage

Information on the storage of petroleum, how to apply for a petroleum storage certificate and how to report a concern about fuel you have purchased


Learn more about scams, how to look for signs to watch for, and how to report a mail scam

Weights and measures

When selling goods by weight, volume or length you must keep to rules designed to help consumers understand how much they’re buying and what their rights are

Signed undertakings

When an issue is reported to us, we’ll investigate it and may take action

Tobacco guidance

The Association of Convenience Stores produced guidance for retailers on the changes to tobacco retailing