Application forms

Coronavirus update

To prevent the spread of the virus, the government has asked that planning applications are submitted online using the Planning Portal.

Paper submissions should be avoided.

Submit your application online through the Planning Portal website. The Planning Portal will select and complete the correct form for you.

Help centre

Use the Planning Portal help centre to get help with:

  • submitting your online application
  • a problem
  • answering a query

You can also call them on 03333 234 589 for help over the phone.

How to submit paper forms

Some forms are not available for submission via the Planning Portal. These have been provided below. The below forms will need to be emailed to our Planning Support team.

We will not accept emailed applications if: 

  • an online Planning Portal form exists
  • it is sent to any other email address

Please note - if you are applying for Technical Details Consent, but you have already received permission in principle approval, you will now need to submit this as a full planning permission application.

The details of your related permission in principle will also need to be provided in the description.

Additional forms

If you cannot find the form you need above, PDF copies of all the Planning Portal's applications forms can be found on their website. 

Proposal guidance

When completing the form it is important that you give a clear and accurate description about what you are seeking permission for. Please read the guideline below for more information on how to do this.