Planning applications

Building Control Seminar - 14 December

Local professionals involved in the construction industry are invited to attend a seminar on 14 December. We will explain the significant changes the Government has recently made to the process of obtaining building regulations approval. 

See more details and how to register on our Building Control news page.

Application guidance

Read this before you submit your planning application - it will tell you how to do any necessary research, and what the various types of applications involve

Householder and residential

Find out more about the planning application process as a householder or residential applicant

Businesses and professionals

Find out more about the planning application process as a business or corporate applicant or planning agent

How to apply

A detailed step by step guidance on how to submit your planning application, and what you need to include

Planning fees

More information about the fee structure for planning applications and services

After you've applied

More information about what happens after you've submitted your application, including consultations and deadlines

Changing your application

Find out how to make changes at any stage of the planning application process

Get involved with planning applications

Find out how to make your voice heard on planning applications in your local area

Land at Lynchmead Farm planning inquiry

Link to documents for land at Lynchmead Farm planning inquiry

Warren Lane Long Ashton planning inquiry

Links to documents related to the appeal for the building of residential homes south of Warren Lane in Long Ashton