What you can take to our recycling centres

Our recycling centres accept all materials collected from your kerbside collections.

They will also accept:

  • books
  • bric-a-brac
  • bicycles
  • car batteries
  • cooking oil
  • electrical and electronic equipment
  • engine oil
  • fluorescent tubes
  • fridges and freezers
  • furniture
  • garden waste
  • household and garden chemicals
  • ink cartridges
  • lightbulbs
  • mobile phones
  • paint
  • scrap metal
  • tapes and discs
  • textiles (must be bagged)
  • TVs and monitors
  • washing machines and tumble dryers
  • wood and timber
  • hard plastics

We do not accept:

  • clinical waste
  • vehicles that have reached the end of their life, including boats, caravans and trailers
  • very large electrical items like servers and air conditioning units
  • ammunition or explosives

Construction and non-household waste charges

Payment by card only

  • hardcore/rubble, ceramics (such as tiles, toilets and sinks) and soil
    • first bag per day is free
    • £2 per additional bag
  • asbestos
    • £10 per bag or sheet
  • plasterboard
    • £4 per bag or sheet
  • tyres
    • £3 per tyre
    • £3.50 per tyre with rim
  • gas canisters and fire extinguishers
    • £5 per bottle weighing under 10kg
    • £10 per bottle weighing 10kg to 34 kg
    • £30 per bottle weighing above 35kg

A bag is equal to a standard 25kg rubble bag from a DIY store. A sheet is approximately 1800mm by 900 mm.

Please remember to double wrap or bag your asbestos with thick polythene and seal with strong tape. Otherwise it will be rejected upon arrival at the centre.