Order a new bin

If you need to order new bins, you can do it online. You’ll need to register for MyAccount. It only takes a few minutes to register and you’ll be able to access a variety of online services 24 hours a day.

Recycling boxes and food waste containers

You can order additional recycling boxes and food waste containers free of charge.

Please be aware that we are limiting orders to two recycling boxes per household.

This way we can fulfil the container orders that are currently on the delivery list and everyone has the chance to order boxes if needed.

Recycling should be sorted into two boxes and materials separated as shown:

  • box 1 – plastic bottles, pots, tubs and trays and metal food tins, cans, clean foil and empty aerosols mixed together
  • box 2  - cardboard, all paper, cartons and tetrapak mixed. Glass bottles and jars separate to one side
  • other items - small electricals, batteries, spectacles, textiles and shoes can be placed separately in loosely tied bags and presented on the top of either box

Black rubbish bin

Each household can only have one black rubbish bin. The standard size is 180L. If your black wheelie bin is lost or damaged you will need to contact us to arrange a replacement. 

Please email recycling&waste@n-somerset.gov.uk with your address and details of the problem with your black bin and an officer will help. 

If you find your bin is always filling up too quickly before your collection day, check to make sure you are recycling as much as possible. There may also be other ways you can reduce your waste.

Larger bin request

In some circumstances we are able to provide a larger 240L black rubbish bin. 

To apply for this, you will need to complete and return an application form, included on this page, which includes a two-week waste diary. 

Once completed, send your form and request to recycling&waste@n-somerset.gov.uk and an officer will contact you to discuss.

Garden waste bin

If you want to order a garden waste bin, you’ll need to sign up to the garden waste service. 

Compost bin

You can buy a 220 litre compost bin from us for £10 including delivery.

Unwanted bins

If you have a garden waste bin that you don’t need and are not currently receiving collections from, you can request for it to be removed through MyAccount.