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Weston-super-Mare recycling centre

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Portishead recycling centre

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Backwell recycling centre

Opening times and address

Our recycling centres during the coronavirus pandemic

Our three recycling centres across North Somerset remain open for essential journeys. 

The essential use policy is a short-term solution while infection rates are high. If you are able to store waste and recycling safely at home please do so and help keep crews and communities safe.

If planning a visit please be considerate, there are limits on the number of people allowed on site at one time. Only making essential trips will allow everyone an opportunity to visit.

Restrictions and social distancing are in place to ensure everyone’s safety. During your visit please follow the guidelines and all on-site signs. Respect staff, who are working under difficult conditions.


  • do not visit if you have symptoms of Covid-19.
    • waste from anyone with Covid-19 should be double-bagged, tied securely and stored at home until at least 72 hours (three days) after symptoms have passed
  • follow social distancing and remain 2m apart from staff and other users at all times
  • whilst on site wear a mask or face covering (unless you are medically exempt) and use hand sanitiser before and after your visit
  • site restrictions include limiting the number of vehicles so queues are likely
    • if you are queuing for a recycling centre on the roads surrounding the site, please be mindful of local residents by turning off your engines while you wait and not blocking driveways
    • for everyone’s safety, if queues are too long you may be asked to return another day
  • to save time while on the site, please sort your recycling from your waste before you arrive
  • only one person from a single household should visit, unless you have mobility issues, or a heavy item that requires two people to carry
    • if the latter, the same two people should unload into the skip as staff will not be able to help
  • any number plate can visit on any day of the week
    • the exception will be vehicles and trailers requiring a permit, for which access is limited Monday-Saturday only
  • all permitted trailers are allowed entry within opening hours, from Monday-Saturday.
    • Please check opening times before you travel
    • Trailers must be under 2.4m in length or will be refused entry
    • Permitted vehicles, including trailers are not allowed access on Sundays. See our recycling centre vehicle permits page for more information.  
  • to avoid unnecessary travel, always visit the site closest to your home and limit journeys until you have a full load
    • you can also offer to take waste for your neighbours and friends to reduce the number of trips
  • please make full use of your kerbside recycling service, this can include for items such as small electrical equipment or reusable textiles 
    • you can order additional recycling boxes and food waste caddies and we will deliver these to you

You can save yourself a trip to the recycling centre by reducing your household waste.

Our recycling centres are provided for North Somerset residents only. We may ask for proof of address when you visit. We use automatic number plate recognition to check how often the centres are used and to prevent unauthorised use.

Our recycling centres are for household waste only. We do not accept any commercial waste. This includes any waste collected for a fee such as house clearances, waste from shops and offices and waste from gardening businesses.

All our sites are closed on Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Year’s Day. Backwell is closed on all bank holidays.

Our recycling centres opening hours change in the winter/summer months.

Separate your waste before your visit and recycle as much as you can. We carry out spot checks on rubbish bags to check no recyclable material is thrown in with normal rubbish.

Please respect staff at the recycling centres – we don’t tolerate abuse and all sites are monitored by CCTV.

For safety reasons, access to recycling centres is not possible by bicycle or on foot.