Recycling centre vehicle permits

You will need a vehicle permit if you want to bring waste to our recycling centres when using:

  • a van
  • a trailer (sized 1.8m to 2.4m) – trailers over 2.4m in length will be refused entry
  • a 4×4 vehicle with pick-up or panel bodies, including vehicles with aftermarket seating fitted into the rear of the vehicle
  • a panel van – any type of van that has a payload and panels instead of windows, including vans with aftermarket seating in the rear and aftermarket windows fitted, unless it is taxed as a minibus
  • pick-up truck
  • commercial vehicles, vehicles up to 3.4 tonnes with Luton type bodies, flat beds or tipper backs
  • vehicles that have a gross vehicle weight of 3.5t or above are not allowed entry to the centres at any time

A permit is not required for normal household vehicles.

There’s no charge for the vehicle permit and you can access the recycling centres Monday to Saturday during normal opening times. Permitted vehicles are not allowed access on Sundays.