Shared Lives

Shared Lives gives people with a learning or physical disability, mental health difficulties or other health or sensory disabilities the opportunity to live with a family in their home. The family shares their family life, interests and skills to help the person live as independently as possible. 

The arrangement can be short or long term, and is often to enable a full time carer to have a break. The person being cared for could:

  • live in their home all the time
  • stay for a short break overnight, or at the weekend
  • stay for a short break of a week or longer
  • stay during the daytime only

We carefully match people who use this service with a suitable Shared Lives carer. We make sure carers have the support they need to welcome someone into their life, and check that the person using the service is well.

To be eligible to use the service you need to live in North Somerset and be over 18 years old or over 16 and in transition to adult services.

How to become a Shared Lives carer

Carers must live in North Somerset and have a spare room if providing overnight stays.

Carers receive a fee for the support and accommodation they provide. The person who is living with you will also contribute towards food and utility costs. Shared Lives carers are self-employed and receive tax breaks on money received from Shared Lives.

We’ll spend time to get to know potential carers to assess suitability as part of an assessment process. It can take up to six months to be approved as a carer.

Our support and training includes:

  • allocating a Shared Lives worker who will regularly visit to provide advice and support
  • regular Shared Lives meetings
  • social events with other Shared Lives carers
  • monitoring, support and reviews
  • pre and post approval training, including first aid and safeguarding adults 

If you are interested in becoming a shared lives carer please contact us.