Council Tax for empty properties

If your property is unoccupied because it needs major repair work before it can be lived in, you could be entitled to a 50% discount on your Council Tax bill. The discount can be given for up to one year.

If your property is unoccupied and unfurnished, you won’t be entitled to a discount.

The best way to manage your Council Tax account is online using MyAccount.

When you could get a discount

You could be entitled to a discount if you cannot live in your home because of:

  • a seriously defective roof that needs to be replaced
  • the removal of supporting walls or floor joists
  • subsidence
  • substantial repairs needed to the foundations

When you can’t get a discount

You cannot claim a discount for:

  • replacement of a kitchen or bathroom
  • replacement windows
  • general refurbishment
  • rewiring, replumbing or plastering

Applying for an empty property discount

You should apply before or very soon after the work starts. You need to send us evidence of the work that is needed, such as a surveyors’ report, dated photographs, invoices, estimates and planning applications.

Your evidence must show the property’s address, unless it is a photograph.

If you don’t send us any evidence, we can’t give you a discount.

Empty property discounts apply to the property and not the person who owns or usually lives there. If the previous Council Tax payer rents out or sells the property to you, the discount will not continue. You will be responsible for paying the full Council Tax bill.

Living in another home provided by your employer

If your property is unoccupied because you live in a home provided by your employer, you could get a 50% discount on your Council Tax bill.