Council Tax band reduction for disabled people

If you are disabled or someone you live with is disabled, you could be entitled to a Council Tax band reduction.

If you are entitled to a band reduction, your Council Tax bill will be reduced by one band. For example, if you live in a band B property your bill would be reduced to band A. If you are already living in a band A property, we will reduce your bill by 1/9th of band D.


You will qualify for a band reduction if your home has:

  • a room that is essential to the wellbeing of a disabled person. They must be the main user of the room and it can’t be a bathroom, kitchen or toilet
  • an extra bathroom or kitchen that is essential to a disabled person
  • an extra inside space for a wheelchair, but only if the wheelchair needs to be used indoors

Applying for a band reduction

You can apply for a Council Tax band review online.