Unauthorised encampments

We are responsible for managing and monitoring any unauthorised camping on our land and we have powers to remove anyone camped illegally on public land in our area.

Unauthorised encampments on private land

Contact the police if you have a complaint regarding criminal activity, a breach of the peace, or anti-social behaviour in connection with an unauthorised encampment.

If unauthorised camping occurs on privately-owned land, it is the responsibility of the landowner to take legal action to remove any trespassers.

If you are a private landowner, you should:

  • speak to the group, explain they are on private land, ask them to leave or negotiate a time period they can stay
  • explain any negative effects that the trespassers may have caused such as being unable to graze livestock
  • explain any potential health and safety issues associated with the land such as deep bodies of water or bulls in a field

If you wish for the group to vacate your land and they refuse, you should employ a private bailiff. A private bailiff can – on instruction and payment from you – effect the removal of campers generally within 24 hours.

You should not:

  • lock or block the trespassers into a field or parcel of land preventing them from leaving
  • attempt to physically intervene or use violence to effect trespassers removal
  • harass campers and inflame the situation

We can offer advice to you if you are a private landowner who experiences an unauthorised encampment. The first hour of advice is free of charge.

You, as the landowner, will be responsible for repairing any damage caused to your land or any costs associated with removing campers and cleaning up land after an incidence of trespass.

For advice on the law of trespass and how to regain possession of the land contact us at the address below.