Public space protection orders

About public space protection orders

General guidance about how and why these orders have been designed and what happens if you fail to comply with an order

Area wide orders

Find out about the activities that these orders cover in all outside public areas in North Somerset 

Area specific orders

Information on the public space protection orders which apply to specific places, including Weston Museum and Princess Royal Square

Car parks

Information on the additional public space protection orders for car parks 

Children's play areas and skate parks

Activities and behaviour covered by the protection orders for children's areas and skate parks

Council premises

Details of the public space protection orders relating to all council owned premises

Dog control

Find out more about the restrictions and requirements for dogs and their owners in a public area

Public toilets

Details of the public space protection orders relating to public toilets

Anti-social behaviour fixed penalties

More information about fixed penalty notices if you breach a Public Spaces Protection Orders and how to pay

Managed parks and open space orders

Find out about managed parks and open spaces which have a PSPO in North Somerset

Town centres and retail areas orders

Information on town centres and retail areas in North Somerset with a PSPO