Anti-social behaviour

How we tackle anti-social behaviour

Find out how the council processes complaints of anti-social behaviour

Community trigger

How you can use the community trigger process to ask us to look into your reports on anti-social behaviour

Anti-social penalties

Details of fixed penalty notices for breaches of Public Spaces Protection Orders and Community Protection Notices

Anti-social behaviour is anything which causes (or is likely to cause) harassment, alarm, or distress to one or more people not in the same household.

Isolated incidents may not seem serious, but continued anti-social behaviour can have a devastating impact for people affected by it.

If the behaviour is ongoing, keep a record of the events, including times, dates and how the behaviour is making you feel. This will help us to understand the issues and take action. Remember you can contact us with confidence, in confidence.

Anti-social behaviour that we cover

  • begging
  • street drinking
  • alcohol-related anti-social behaviour
  • rowdy and inconsiderate behaviour

Anti-social behaviour managed by the police

  • rowdy drunken behaviour
  • arson
  • inconsiderate use of vehicles
  • begging
  • underage drinking
  • cycling on a footpath
  • physical attacks, intimidation, or harassment
  • drug taking or dealing
  • hoax calls
  • prostitution or kerb crawling
  • criminal damage, vandalism and graffiti to private property (graffiti on our land can also be reported to us)

You can report anti-social behaviour to the police online below or by calling 101.

If a crime is happening right now or you are in immediate danger, call 999.

Reporting graffiti

Housing association tenants

If you are a housing association tenant you should report any anti-social behaviour to your housing officer.

What is not classed as anti-social behaviour?

Anti-social behaviour does not include:

  • boundary disputes
  • children playing in a street or communal area
  • family disputes
  • noise from children playing
  • normal living noises such as toilets flushing or stairs being used
  • not being able to park outside your home