Area wide orders

Everywhere in the open air in North Somerset, where the general public is allowed to be, is subject to a public space protection order. This includes places where the public have to pay to enter.

This order states that you must:

  • pick up the poo of any dog(s) that you are in charge of
  • carry and produce a bag to pick up dog faeces when asked to do so
  • put a dog on a lead when required to do so
  • not leave litter
  • not urinate or defecate anywhere other than a public toilet
  • not trade on public property without permission
  • stop consuming alcohol or drugs when asked to do so
  • surrender alcohol or drugs when asked to do so
  • stop playing music or instruments when asked to do so
  • not to use a vehicle in a manner likely to cause harassment, alarm, distress or a public nuisance
  • abide by the pedlars code of conduct

Anyone who fails to comply, without reasonable excuse, is in breach unless specific exemptions apply within the order.