Help with collections

If you need help to put your bins out, or your household produces medical waste, we can help. We can also arrange special collections for large items such as beds and white goods.

Assisted collections

If you are unable to put your bins out for collection, and there is no-one who can do it for you, we may be able to help.

We can collect your bins from an agreed location on your property, and then return them to the same place when we’ve emptied them.

If you’d like to request this service, sign into MyAccount and select ‘request assisted collection’. You will be asked a few simple questions including your address and how long you need an assisted collection for.

Once you’ve submitted your application, we’ll look at your request and get in contact with you to arrange a visit.

Bulky waste collection

We offer a collection service for bulky household items such as furniture and domestic appliances. This service is carried out by local charity, Changing Lives.

Bulky household items include:

  • Sofas and armchairs
  • Tables
  • Chairs
  • Mattresses
  • Bed frames
  • White goods (for example, fridges and freezers)
  • Doors (wood only)

Changing Lives will not collect:

  • Household waste or recycling
  • Hazardous waste (for example, chemicals, gas canisters, plasterboard, asbestos etc.)
  • Garden waste
  • Wood (for example, fences, posts, decking etc)
  • Paint
  • Construction/Demolition or DIY type waste
  • Textiles

Clinical waste collections

If you routinely have medical waste in your home including dressings, boxed needles and other sharps, we can collect these from you if we have permission from your doctor.

If you are not sure if your waste is clinical, check with your doctor.

You’ll need to contact your doctor to ask for a collection. The NHS will give you a medical waste container.

If your doctor requests a weekly collection we will empty your medical waste container every week, free of charge. Your doctor will let us know and we will arrange collection.

If your doctor says you need an ad-hoc collection, you will need to tell us when you have a medical waste container which needs emptying. Tell us by emailing our clinical waste team:

We don’t collect from nursing homes or day nurseries. Talk to the property manager if you need this type of service.