Recycling and waste workshop

We are excited to offer a tailored workshop for school children in primary and nursery school classroom environment that focuses on waste and the environment.

Our waste minimisation team are on hand to deliver workshops on the importance of reducing waste. The workshops can cover the following: 

  • understand the three Rs: reduce, reuse, recycle 
  • how to recycle with a box-sorting game 
  • learn about what happens to your recycling with our journey of waste story
  • a visit from a real recycling lorry (dependent on availability)

Ashcombe Nursery School workshop

We recently ran a workshop at Ashcombe Nursery School. The morning was a great success with the children learning about reducing waste, reusing things and recycling. Emma Rodgers, deputy nursery manager at Ashcombe Children's Centre Nursery, said:

"It was an amazing opportunity to have the recycling truck visit the nursery. The children loved having hands-on experience of sorting which packaging went in which recycling box and they enjoyed learning what happens to our recycling when the lorry collects it. The children made links with real life experiences and one child commented, 'that's like the lorry that comes to my house'. This visit has promoted lots of discussions about recycling and we have incorporated this in our play through junk modelling and collecting bottle tops to make a collage."

To schedule a visit to your nursery or primary school, email us at Recycling&

Workshops are subject to officer and volunteer availability. If we host a workshop it would be great if you would be willing to provide some anonymised photos for publicity and a quote for our ongoing publicity of this opportunity.