Weights and measures

When selling goods by weight, volume or length you must keep to rules designed to help consumers understand how much they’re buying and what their rights are.

International standards make sure that quantity measurements are consistent. This means businesses can compete fairly and consumers are protected from inaccurate measures.

We make sure businesses keep to these rules by:

  • visiting to check weighing and measuring equipment for accuracy
  • checking pre-packed products at production and in shops
  • investigating complaints of short measure

South Gloucestershire Council carry out some metrological functions for us. This includes:

  • a calibration service for weights up to 20 kilograms, measures up to 20 litres and measures of length
  • verifying your weighing and measuring equipment

Fees apply. For more information contact:

South Gloucestershire council trading standards

For consumer complaints contact:


Send your self-verification notices to:

Public weighbridges

Anyone carrying out public weighing (usually on a weighbridge) where a charge is made needs to hold a certificate of competence. A certificate is issued by the Chief Inspector of Weights and Measures after a short test.

Weighbridges are available to use at:

  • Towens Waste Management
    Warne Road
    BS23 3UU Tel: 01934 424 242
  • Refuse Transfer Station
    Corey Environmental 
    Aisecome Way, off Herluin Way
    Hutton Moor
    BS22 8NA  Tel: 01934 419 447

Check opening times and charges before using these facilities.