Tree Survey and tree protection plan

A Tree Survey and Tree Protection Plan is required where there are trees within or adjacent to the application site. 

The information submitted should:

  • show the location and give an appraisal of the trees
  • clearly show which trees are to be removed and which are to be kept
  • indicate the Root Protection Area (RPA) as calculated in the British Standards Institute BS5837 – Trees in Relation to Design (a copy can be found on this page)


A tree is defined as one which:

  • has a stem diameter greater than 75mm when measured at 1.5m above ground level
  • this does not including hedgerows – which must be considered separately

Adjacent is defined as:

  • Trees that overhang the site or are located beyond the site boundaries within a distance of up to 12 times their estimated stem diameter
  • Ancient trees apply a distance of up to 15 metres

Ancient woodland is defined as:

  • any wooded area that has been wooded continuously since at least 1600 AD (NPPG Annex 2: Glossary).

More information

For further guidance, we recommend the below documents and guidelines: