Flood evacuation plans

A flood evacuation plan (FEP) makes sure occupants of a building in a flood risk area remain safe and don’t put extra demand on the emergency services.

It is required if you meet the following criteria:

  • are applying for a hazardous substance consent application
  • sites which require a flood risk assessment if they are:
    • major developments
    • new or extended residential accommodation for vulnerable people (including conversion and annexes). For example sheltered housing or care home
    • new residential dwellings or flats (including conversion and annexes) where there would be no internal access to an upper floor
    • residential extensions that increase the number of bedrooms at the ground floor or lower and which would provide no internal access to an upper floor
    • new or extended sites for camping, caravans and gypsy and traveller sites
    • new or extended hotels or hostels


The plan will need to show:

  • sources of flooding
  • flood defence measures
  • flood evacuation options
  • safe routes that lead to safe refuge areas

Plan templates

We have drafted the below templates to help you develop your flood warning evacuation plan. For further queries, please contact our Emergency Management Team via the contact information below.