Drawing standard - site location plan

A site location plan is a map base that shows the location of the application site in relation to surrounding roads, buildings and other land.

Site location plans should:

  • reference the most recent¬†Ordnance Survey Base, or to an equivalent standard
  • be to a suitable scale of 1:1000, 1:1250 or 1:2500 for larger sites
  • show the direction of north
  • where possible, cover an A4 sheet of paper with the application site in the centre of the plan
  • show the application site boundary outlined in red; this should include all land necessary to carry out the proposed development (e.g. land required for access to the site from a public highway, visibility splays, landscaping, car parking and open areas around buildings
  • show any other adjoining land owned by the applicant outlined in blue
  • show adjoining road names and numbers
  • identify sufficient roads and/or buildings on nearby land to ensure that the exact location of the application site is clear. For example, in rural areas you will normally need to show two named roads.

 You can buy up to date OS location plans from the Planning Portal website.