Transport consultations and projects

Our Corporate Plan guides all our transport strategies, initiatives and improvement schemes that the council is developing. 

Our consultations give you the opportunity to comment on our plans to create more affordable and accessible transport options, and create more vibrant and safer communities for everyone.

Active travel strategy

In 2021 we adopted our Active Travel Strategy (ATS). This agreed our policy approach to active travel. 

Since then we have developed a more detailed approach through

  •  the Place and Movement Framework and;
  •  the resulting Active Travel Action Plans (ATAPs). 

This will help us make our active travel strategy commitments and interventions a reality.

Electric vehicle strategy

The North Somerset Electric Vehicle Strategy sets out our ambition to create a network of EV charging points. These charging points need to be capable of supporting the demands of our communities as the transition to zero emissions continues. 

The strategy outlines the forecast requirements up until 2030, in line with EV uptake so far. This will make sure we are aware of the likely demand for EVs and charging infrastructure. 

It will also help set out

  • how we will integrate EVs within the wider transport hierarchy
  • the commercial features of the EV network
  • how and where EV charging should be delivered in North Somerset

Having an EV strategy is crucial in securing future funding for North Somerset for the development of our network.

Suggest a location for Electric Vehicle Charging

Tell us where you would like to see electric vehicle charge points in North Somerset. Whether it’s outside your home or workplace, shops, or near a local park, every suggestion will help build a picture of what’s needed locally. 

We’ll consider all suggestions as we plan where to install chargers using the funding we have available. 

We have included a form on this page for you to submit your suggestion. You can drop a pin in the map where you think a charge point should be placed. 

Parking management strategy

At a meeting of the Executive on 7 February 2024, we agreed to hold a public consultation on

  • the Parking Management Strategy
  • the introduction of parking charges - at council owned car parks and on-street locations in Portishead, Nailsea and Clevedon.
  • short-stay parking permits

The consultation is now open and closes at noon on Tuesday 7 May 2024.

We are also asking for feedback on an annual short stay permit for residents. Residents will be able to purchase this, and it would allow two hours of free parking per day.

Consultation feedback from residents, visitors, and businesses, will help us understand

  • how people park now
  • how we might structure pricing, locations and hours of operation in the new scheme
  • how to develop terms of the annual short stay permit

Charges would enable us to improve the operation and maintenance of car parks for residents and visitors. With the introduction of on-street parking at busy locations, it will also help manage traffic and congestion. We also hope these charges will encourage people to consider being more sustainable on short journeys - for example by walking or biking.

You can have your say and get involved in a number of ways.

Find out more about our parking charges consultation.

Other upcoming transport strategies and improvement schemes

We are working on a range of transport strategies, policies, infrastructure improvements and initiatives to enhance our transport connectivity. 

Our aim is to make more affordable, lower-emission and more space-efficient choices. We will also be adding further information on this range of transportation work which is currently in development.

You can find a list of all our consultations covering all topics on our eConsult website

You can browse, take part, or sign up to be alerted by email to new consultations according to your topics of interest.