Community transport services

Community transport helps people with limited mobility travel door-to-door for shopping trips, medical appointments and days out.

Community transport groups providing dial-a-ride journeys usually run fully accessible mini-buses which are suitable for most modern wheelchairs. You usually need to be a member of the scheme, and anyone who is elderly, disabled or has difficulty using public transport normally qualifies.

Fares are based on the length of the journey and are agreed in advance. A local dial-a-ride or shopping trip is generally comparable with a bus fare. Bus pass holders qualify for a discount on some journeys.

We commission community transport services and support programmes where we can. Many schemes are run by volunteers, so if you can help, contact your local operator to find out what opportunities are available.

Most community transport operators will take patients to hospital appointments. If your condition means you need an ambulance car to take you to your first appointment your doctor will arrange this. Remember to ask the clinic to make arrangements with your consultant if you need to return for further appointments.