Pest control

It is our statutory duty to make sure  land and premises owners which are significantly infested by rats and/or mice takes action to:

  • destroy an infestation
  • prevent damage from the pests

Contact us when a landowner is not properly controlling an infestation on their land.

We have no legal duty to treat infestations of pests on private property. Most household pests can be treated effectively by the householder with do it yourself pest control treatments available from DIY shops, ironmongers, garden centres and pet shops. If you are a tenant of a property contact your landlord to help you. For difficult infestations, particular pests or problems at commercial premises contact a specialist.

Bees are not considered to be pest. Contact a local beekeeper using the British Beekeepers Association website.

You might qualify for a reduced price treatment for rats and mice. This is based on the level of Council Tax support you receive.

Contact us to find out if you qualify for assistance.