Community living rooms North Somerset

Our community living rooms initiative will help provide safe, welcoming and non-judgemental spaces for people to come together to help stay warm.

There are also other websites with details of North Somerset community living rooms.

Host a community living room

Grant funding applications to open a community living room have now closed. 

You are also still welcome to register your community living space even if you are not asking for funding. This can include any place willing to make space available for people to use, such as:

  • community buildings
  • sports venues
  • places of worship
  • libraries

If your organisation wants to get involved, please submit your details to us via the community living rooms form.

Safeguarding adults in your community living rooms

If you have concerns for a visitor to your community living room, you can find more information and advice on who you can go to on the North Somerset Safeguarding Adults Board website.

Church venues hosting community living rooms

If your community living room is held within a church network, additional resources can be found on The Clewer Initiative website.

Further information