Booking an activity on council land

If you're organising a small scale event or activity, you may be able to use our activity process rather than submitting a full event application.

Activities are classed as:

  • small scale events which have none to minimal infrastructure
  • having short time scales, for example a couple of hours maximum
  • involving a maximum of 50 people
  • having no impact to the site
  • do not require any other licensable activities

Activity requests also cover boot camps and forest schools.

All activities must have a risk assessment and public liability insurance.

Risk assessments

If you are using our land, property or facilities, you are required to submit a risk assessment. The risk assessment must be site and activity specific and cover all equipment that will be used as part of the activity.


If you are using our land, property or facilities, you are required to arrange public liability insurance with at least £5m in coverage. The insurance must cover the entire length of the activity.

You’ll need to ensure that any third parties, such as contractors and entertainers, also have their own public liability insurance with at least £5m cover.

You’ll need to send proof of your cover, and that of any third parties, to our activities teams with your application form.

If you want to include third party risk under your own insurance, you’ll need to send us written confirmation from your insurers.

Fees and charges

Activities are subject to a fee for use of the site. Fees are split into four categories and are priced on a sliding scale:

  • commercial activities, such as boot camps or forest schools, and organisations that are generating income for their business
  • charities and community groups who are charging entry or raising money for organisations
  • activities being carried out with a direct community or environmental benefit for the site
  • activities which fall outside this structure – price on application

Payment is required for the use of all North Somerset Council land. Please ensure you are fully aware of all relevant costs on submission of your application. 

Please note fees and charges will increase on the 1 April in line with the new financial year. Activities due to take place after this date will be subject to pay the standard fees and charges set for that period.

You will be asked to pay your activity fee before we issue a licence to occupy.

It may be possible at some locations to have use of electric pillars. There will be additional costs to be covered for this. It will be subject to availability on site and discretion of the activities team.

Licence to occupy (LTO)

A licence to occupy will be granted when the application has been approved.

Any and all conditions applied to the licence must be adhered to.

Where possible an activity application LTO will be valid for one year as long as the activity is the same on all occasions.

Different activities from the same activity organiser will be subject to individual fees and applications.

LTOs are issued for one site. Multiple sites will be subject to different applications and fees charged per application. For example, one boot camp provider operating on more than one park will be charged for each park.

Promotions and activities which are not described above are subject to a different fee structure. Please contact the seafront team to discuss.