Health and wellbeing strategy 2021-24

The joint health and wellbeing strategy sets out our vision, shared ambitions, principles, and actions for health and wellbeing across North Somerset. It runs from 2021-2024.

It aims to:

  • identify areas for improvement in health and wellbeing
  • work to reduce health inequalities

Main priorities

The strategy and action plan are centred around three main approaches:

  • prevention - prevent people from becoming unwell or experiencing poor health and wellbeing
  • early intervention - support people to identify and manage health and wellbeing problems as early as possible. Ensure sure support is in the right place to address those problems
  • thriving communities - focus on the wider factors and influences on health, and work with partners to support communities to thrive

Within these approaches, we will address the following priority themes:

  • mental health and wellbeing,
  • physical activity
  • diet and nutrition
  • tobacco use
  • alcohol use
  • substance use
  • other factors that may contribute to health

The strategy and action plan address these themes across all areas of life, from children and young people, to adults and older people.

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