What is a Climate Emergency

Our climate is the natural network of weather systems and patterns across the world. Because of its delicate ecosystem, it responds to changes we make to the planet, or what we use or contribute. This includes how we use energy, farm or manufacture food, and travel.

At the current rate, these actions are not sustainable. The climate is responding with extreme events such as high temperatures, drought, floods and wildfires. In the last three years, scientists have issued a dire warning - we must change or face a threat to humanity.

Climate emergency vs climate change

While the term 'climate change' has been around for a long time, we felt this language did not convey the urgency of the situation. This is why we declared a 'Climate Emergency' in 2019. 

We want to use our power as your local government to drive greener change and slow global heating, to make North Somerset a beautiful place to live for generations to come. 

Some of our actions include:

  • an overarching goal to become carbon neutral by 2030
  • encouraging greener choices in local infrastructure, building and planning
  • an increase in green and wild spaces, to encourage local wildlife and absorb carbon emissions

We have produced a strategy and action plan for these developments and more. These can be found via the link below.