Net zero business support

We work to help local businesses, organisations, and communities prepare for and adapt to climate change. 

Climate change presents businesses with a unique challenge. On one hand they need to lower costs and mitigate the risks of climate change. On the other, they need to meet a growing consumer demand for sustainability. 

Sustainable practices:

  • enhance brand reputation
  • provide a competitive edge
  • ensure regulatory compliance
  • attract socially conscious investors and employees.

Making sustainability a priority aligns businesses with global efforts to address environmental challenges. It is a strategic imperative that contributes to a positive economic, social, and environmental outcome. It also helps to position companies for enduring success in a changing world.

To help businesses on their journey to net zero, we have compiled a list of useful schemes, links and guides. For more detailed information, please download our Net Zero for North Somerset Businesses and Organisations guide.

As a business, it’s important to understand the language and ideas around climate change. For example, knowing the difference between net zero and carbon neutral or what activities can produce greenhouse gases.

Some useful guides around these terms are:

How to reduce your business emissions

Calculating your carbon footprint is an essential first step in working out what emissions are produced by your business. From this point, you can then map out your transition to low carbon or net zero. 

This doesn't need to be an expensive or time consuming process. There are many online tools that can help.

There are many ways a business can consider reducing emissions. Particular focus should be made around these key themes:

  • Transport
  • Energy and buildings
  • Finance and investments
  • Digital connectivity
  • Waste reduction
  • Carbon capture and offsetting

You can find out more about these areas in our Net Zero Guide for North Somerset Businesses, which can be found on this page. 

More help and guidance

Sustainability in business

For more information around sustainability in business, you can:

For support relating to climate initiatives within the North Somerset area, contact us via email at

Climate funding

For current climate funding opportunities available within North Somerset visit our dedicated webpage.

Assistance schemes

Local assistance schemes

  • The Hive – advice on sustainable and ethical business practice for small businesses and start-ups
  • Food Works – advice on sustainable technology and food packaging and innovation for food and drink manufacturers
  • Weston Chamber of Commerce – advice on reducing waste and adapting to new legislation in packaging (in partnership with Cleaner Coastlines: Plastic Free Communities)

National assistance schemes

  • The Business Climate Hub is the UK partner of the SME Climate Hub, the global initiative that empowers small and medium-sized enterprises to take climate action
  • The SME Business Club is a non-profit global initiative that empowers small to medium-sized companies to take climate action and build resilient businesses for the future
  • The Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) sustainability resources give support to small businesses and the self-employed on their journey to net zero
  • The Carbon Trust offer some useful guides and reports for business to get clearer guidance and understanding of how to make impactful decisions in the workplace and in communities
  • The British Business Bank is a trusted resource for up-to-date information on green business loans