If a member of our staff, a partner organisation or member of the public becomes aware of, or suspects that serious wrongdoing has occurred within the council, they can report it without fear of being harassed or victimised. This is known as whistleblowing.

Examples of concerns that can be raised through our whistleblowing policy include:

  • criminal offences (including potential offences)
  • failure to comply with legal obligations
  • financial frauds, malpractice or corruption
  • attempts to cover up issues
  • abuse or neglect of vulnerable people
  • actions against our financial regulations, standing orders or policies
  • endangerment to someone‚Äôs health and safety (including potential endangerment)
  • damage to the environment (including potential damage)

Our approach to whistleblowing

We are committed to being open, honest and transparent as both an employer and a local authority.

Whistleblowers are protecting the community that the council exists to serve and so we will support and protect any employees who raise their concerns through this procedure.

If any of our employees suspect a colleague or contractor to be doing something which would be detrimental to the council, we would encourage them to voice their concerns as soon as possible so that we can address them.