What to bring with you on home to school transport


Medication can be brought on board. Please make sure it is: 

  • in a sealed container or bag
  • clearly labelled with your child’s name

The passenger assistant/driver will keep the medication safe during the journey and will hand it to an adult on arrival. 

Booster or car seats

It is the parent/guardian’s responsibility to provide a standard child seat for use on school transport.

Please note that not all vehicles have ISO Fix fittings available.

Where possible please ensure that any equipment supplied is compatible with a standard 3-point seatbelt. 

Travel pass

All children will need their travel pass to board. 

If your child loses their pass, you will need to apply for a new one. The cost for a replacement is listed in our fees and charges document. 

Please contact the team to order your replacement. 

Your child can obtain a temporary travel slip from the school reception.

This will allow them to travel for 5 working days to school until their replacement pass arrives.

Home to School Transport team