Guidance for SEN parents and carers

If your child has special educational needs or disabilities, and is approved for home to school transport, we can provide additional support. 

Passenger assistants

If there are routes with a large number of children with additional needs, we will provide passenger assistants.

On occasion, if we determine a child requires additional support, a passenger assistant will be assigned to them.

We will review this often to determine needs and availability.

Please make sure you include full details of your child's needs in your application, so we can provide the right support.

Please note that our passenger assistants are not medically trained. If an emergency arises, any medication will be administered by a qualified medical professional.

Changes to your application

If your child’s needs have changed since completing your application, you will need to submit a new application to us. 

Please fill out the Journey Care Plan (JCP) within the form. This will be reviewed by our Transport Officer. 

Journey Care Plans

Every SEND student who has a travel entitlement will have a journey care plan. This plan gives us details about your child's needs. This information will help us to make their journey as comfortable as possible.

The plan is based on information provided by the child's:

  • parent/carer
  • operations staff
  • school
  • SEN team
  • EHCP (if they have one)

The final plan is agreed by the Integrated Transport Unit.

Please provide a journey care plan when you submit your initial application, or when your application is up for renewal.

The journey care plan form is available on the home to school transport webpage. It is a part of the SEN home to school transport application form.

Providing your own travel

A Personal Travel Budget (PTB) is an amount of money paid to parents or carers of children with Special Education Needs (SEN) who are eligible for free travel assistance to school.

PTBs will only initially be considered for young people with SEND or families of children with SEND when a set criteria has been met.

If you would like to be considered for a travel budget, please contact the Home to School Transport Team.

Home to School Transport team

Questions or concerns

If you have questions about the service, or concerns about your child's experience on the service, please speak to either:

  • your school
  • your school's transport team
  • the passenger assistant (if there is one on the vehicle)
  • your child’s SEND officer (if you have one).

We are committed to promoting the welfare and safeguarding of children, so we will take all enquiries or concerns seriously.