School appeals

If you have been refused a place at your preferred school we will explain why, and you will be given the right to appeal.

You should read the school appeals guide which explains:

  • how the appeal will be conducted
  • the sort of information you may wish to present
  • who the members of an independent panel might be
  • how a decision is reached
  • the outcome of your appeal

Your right of appeal

More information on your rights to appeal a school admissions offer

Appeal deadlines

Deadlines for when you need to submit an appeal, either for an in year transfer or a bulk application

Types of appeals

Different types of appeal applications for school admissions, and what they include

How to appeal

Where to download the form to lodge your appeal against the offer of a school place

The appeal hearing

What happens at an appeal hearing, who is involved, and the timeline for when you will receive a response

Appeal guide for parents

Downloadable appeal guide for parents, which is available in multiple languages