Apply for a school place

Apply for a new reception, junior and secondary school place

Important dates to remember when applying for a school place, and who is required to apply

Parent guides

Read our parent guide before you apply for a place in a North Somerset school

Before you apply

Background information you may need to know before you apply for a school place with us

Check if you need to submit extra information

Some schools ask for additional evidence to meet their criteria. Check if you need to submit this with your application.

Submit your application for a school place

How to apply for a school place online or via a postal paper application

Making changes to your application

How to notify us if there are changes to your circumstances after you have submitted your school application

What happens after you submit your application

Find out the dates for national offer day, when you are notified if you have received a school place, and how you can respond to the offer

Waiting lists for new applications

More information about how to request to be added to a waiting list if you have been refused as part of your bulk transfer application