Economic statement

An economic statement is needed when either: 

  • new space for employment use is being developed
  • existing employment space is being redeveloped for a different use

Changing use class

Applications where land or buildings last used for employment (within classes B1, B2 or B8) are converting to an alternative use need to include a report showing:

  • what floorspace will be lost for each use
  • why the site is not suitable for employment use – including evidence that the site has been marketed in line with our below marketing guidelines

Marketing guidelines

To show there is no market demand or public interest to use the space in question for employment purposes, as per above, you must also submit a marketing report with your economic statement. This is to prove you have marketed a premises without success. 

For a change of use proposal to be considered, a premises must be marketed for six months (for employment use), or 12 months (for new commercial development).

How you will be assessed

When assessing your marketing report, we will consider both:

  • how a property has been marketed
  • the action taken to spread information

In order to do this, you will need to provide us with evidence that you have actioned the following:

  • provided contact information at the property, using an advertising board visible from the street
  • registered the property with a commercial property agent
  • given property details showing property type, address, size, location, description, services, planning and current uses, terms, leasehold rent or freehold sale price and viewing arrangements – details should be available on request
  • marketed the property for other employment uses or redevelopment
  • published office and industrial premises on the Invest Bristol and Bath property database and sent details to our economic development service (contact information below)
  • shown us the number, type and dates of enquiries received – include proposed uses and floorspace need
  • shown how many viewings have taken place
  • given reasons why the property wasn’t selected
  • shown how many offers have been made – include the value of any offers and reasons why any offer has been refused

More information

For additional reading on economic statements and what they entail, please see the following guidelines: