Historic park and garden landscape assessment

If your development involves use of land within or near a historic park, garden, or landscape, you will need to submit a historic park and garden landscape assessment with your planning application. 


The assessment can be done as either a separate document or as a chapter within a heritage statement.

It should address the following:

  • location of the historic park or garden, and the site of the proposed development within this
  • summary of the history of the park or garden and how this has developed and changed over time
  • location of any important features such as structures or upstanding or buried archaeological remains 
  • photographs of important features and the views surrounding the proposed development
  • an assessment on how the development may impact the space and how these effects will be mitigated
  • clear justification on why the proposed development is necessary.

Heritage advice

Information on both registered and unregistered historic parks and gardens within North Somerset can be obtained from our heritage advice service.

To search the register for historic parks and gardens, please visit the Historic England website.

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