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Heritage and conservation

Listed building consent

Alterations to a listed building

If you own or live in a listed building, you will need listed building consent from your local council to make changes or alterations to it. This includes anything that may change the appearance, character, or layout of the building.

Depending on the changes, you may also require planning permission. If this is the case, please apply for both listed building consent and planning permission when making your application. 

It is a criminal offence to carry out works on listed properties without permission. Any changes made without consent will affect resale value. 

When you need listed building consent

Consent is required to make the following changes to any listed building:

  • internal or external alterations which affect the character
  • extensions
  • demolition of all or part of the building
  • minor repairs that affect the character - repairs of a like for like nature do not normally require consent

Some examples of works requiring consent

  • adding a rooflight
  • creating new openings in a wall or roof
  • removing or lowering a chimney
  • altering the boundary wall
  • adding a satellite dish or solar panels
  • painting or rendering stonework
  • creating flue openings
  • building decking
  • adding external pipework
  • removal of internal stud walls
  • removal or alteration of staircase
  • alteration or removal of internal decorative features (fire places and plaster work)
  • relocation of a kitchen or bathroom
  • removal of historic material such as ceilings or wood panelling

Pre-application advice

North Somerset Council offers a pre-application advice service that can help you to determine whether you need listed building consent with your project. Find out more on our Planning Services page below. 

Advice on common projects

  • Repairing windows or doors
    • No - as long as changes are like-for-like.
    • Yes - changes in materials or appearance may require consent
  • Replacing windows or doors
    • Yes - even when exactly the same design, material and finish
  • Building a conservatory, porch or extension
    • Yes - you may also need planning permission
  • Building a separate building or structure
    • No - but you may need planning permission
  • Installing a satellite dish
    • Yes - you may also need planning permission
  • Repainting the exterior
    • Yes - if the building has not been painted before, or when the new colour will affect character
  • Repairing or replace the roof covering
    • No - if done like-for-like in same material, and where possible materials should be re-used
    • Yes -  changes to the roof timbers, structure, or appearance may require consent
  • Putting up a fence, wall or installing gates
    • Yes - you may also need planning permission
  • Demolishing any structure or building
    • Yes - except for curtilage buildings built after 1948
  • Installing solar panels or wind turbines
    • Yes - you may also need planning permission
  • Partial or complete demolition of internal walls
    • Yes - in all cases including the removal of modern partitions