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Road closures and temporary traffic management

Planned road closures

You may be affected by a road closure if works take place in your area.

There are different reasons for a road to be closed. We often publish details on our website, or in the local press, but sometimes we have to close roads in an emergency and cannot give advanced warning. If the closure is planned signs will be displayed as a warning.

When we close a road we still allow access to properties but you may have to follow diversion signs. Depending on where the works are being carried out, it may not be possible for vehicles to gain access from one end. We try to make sure all properties can be reached during the work, but access may be restricted at times. You will also not be able to park on the closed section of road.

We try to cause as little disruption as possible, but it is inevitable there will be some delays and inconvenience.

To see current and future roadworks across North Somerset, use our roadworks map.

Public notices

We will post a public notice on our website when we need to close roads or restrict parking and traffic. You can find copies of these notices on our public notice section below.