Roads and streets

Road closures

To see current and future roadworks across North Somerset, use our roadworks map

Road repairs

Information about repairs to roads and pavements, including potholes

Adopted roads

We maintain adopted roads and can adopt new roads if they are in an acceptable condition - see a map of adopted roads in North Somerset

Road safety

Information on speed limits, pedestrian crossings, teaching children about road safety and tips on safer motorcycling

Road markings

Information about road markings, keep clear markings and double yellow lines

Street names and numbers

We name and number new streets and properties as well as renaming existing properties

Comment on Traffic Regulation Orders (TROs)

More information about Traffic Regulation Orders (TROs), how they are made, and how you can comment on our current live TRO consultations

Winter maintenance

View a map of salting routes and get information on grit bins, winter parking and driving tips on wintery roads

Verge maintenance

Information about private hedge maintenance, verges, service strips and roundabouts

Weight restrictions

Find out about weight limits imposed on roads in North Somerset

Lights and signs

Information about traffic lights, illuminated signs and street lighting


Visit our flooding and drainage page to find out about flood risk, drainage and how to report flooding on a road