Complaining about a food business

Tell us about a problem

Tell us what the issue is giving as much detail as possible so we can properly investigate.

What we will do

We will investigate the complaint or record the information you give us to see if the problem is widespread. Some complaints, such as those that involve injury or food poisoning, are considered high-risk and will be dealt with immediately. We will contact you to let you know the outcome of your complaint.

We can give advice or warnings to businesses to help them to improve their standards. If we find grounds for prohibition or prosecution we will ask you to provide a statement and you may need to be a witness if the case goes to court.

If businesses can prove that their error was a one-off and that usually they do take all possible precautions to ensure food quality, then no further action will be taken.


Compensation is a civil matter between you and the food retailer, manufacturer or premises directly concerned in your complaint.