Protected trees

Carrying out work to protected trees

Restrictions that apply to all works done on protected trees

Permissions and exemptions

Find out what happens when you breach a preservation order, and how to give a five-day notice on dangerous trees

Ash dieback

Find out more information about Ash dieback 

About protected trees

Some trees are protected by tree preservation orders. You can view which trees in your area are protected by tree preservation orders on our Planning Portal map. The map can be viewed through the button. 

To view the correct filter in the map, check the option next to the 'Tree Preservation Order' option in the 'Map Legend'. The trees under protection will then show up in green. 

It is a criminal offence to carry out, cause, or permit any unauthorised works to a tree that is protected by a tree preservation order, or trees in a conservation area without permission.

Planning permission for trees and hedges

Applications for changes to protected trees will need to be submitted through the Planning Portal website.

There you can:

  • view or apply for planning permission for trees and hedges
  • view applications for consent under Tree Preservation Orders
  • notification of proposed works to trees in conservation areas

If you have a query about submitting a planning application regarding protected trees, please contact our Planning Team.