Thermal camera loan service

Find out exactly where your home is losing energy this winter by borrowing one of our new easy-to-use thermal cameras.

Fifteen thermal imaging cameras are available to borrow for free from any North Somerset library, including mobile libraries, for one week.

The cameras use infrared technology to find heat loss spots in the home, to help you identify where home improvements are needed to help you stay warmer in winter and cooler in summer.

In North Somerset, energy consumption in our homes accounts for 25% of greenhouse gas emissions. Reducing energy use at home is a key component of the council’s commitment to tackle the climate emergency and reach net zero by 2030.

Common reasons include small gaps around doors, windows and exterior outlets like letterboxes, and connections to outside such as plumbing fixtures. 

How to borrow a thermal camera

To borrow one of our new thermal cameras you need to be a North Somerset library member and live in North Somerset. Unlike usual loans through our libraries, thermal camera loans cannot be transferred to other libraries outside North Somerset. 

If you're not yet a North Somerset library member please join a library.

North Somerset library members can reserve one of our thermal cameras in person at your local library or on the LibrariesWest website. You will need your library card and PIN.

You'll be advised when you need to collect the camera at your local library or your nearest mobile library stop. You don’t have to pay anything to reserve it. 

Thermal camera kit

Each thermal camera kit contains everything you need to assess your home's energy efficiency. Electronic versions of the documents in the kit are available here to download, plus we have a YouTube instruction video showing how to use the camera.