Report a problem with another person’s property

If you have a complaint about a privately rented property, which is affecting someone’s health and wellbeing, we may be able to help.

We might intervene if food waste left leads to rats, mice or fly infestations, or when urine and faeces are found in places outside of the toilet.

Contact us to make a report. We will inspect the property and service notice on the occupier, or owner, to do any work needed within a set timescale. This includes cleaning, disinfection, pest control measures, and removal of contaminated carpets or furniture.

If the occupier or owner is unwilling, or unable, to arrange this we will arrange for contractors to carry out works and re-charge any costs. We understand that many people we deal with are vulnerable and we try to deal with them as sensitively as we can.

You can also report concerns about a rented property using our rogue landlords online form. You can make the report anonymously if you wish. Go to our ‘help for tenants’ page for more information.