Youth Inclusion Support Project (YISP)

Our youth inclusion and support project is a voluntary intervention scheme that works with young people aged 10-18 who are considered to be at risk of offending or anti-social behaviour, or where there are concerns about their emotional or mental health. We also work with their families.

We accept referrals from professionals, family members and young people themselves. Referrals are made to the youth offending team who will discuss the case and allocate it to a caseworker. Once accepted, the young person will meet a member of the youth offending team who will devise an intervention programme based on their needs. This might include:

  • work around anger management and relationships with friends and family
  • social skills and victim awareness
  • advice and guidance
  • mental health support for young people who don’t meet the threshold for NHS Child and Adult Mental Health Services

We have close links with the substance advice service to work with young people around substance misuse.

Programmes run for three months unless the young person and caseworker feel it needs to be extended.