Junction 21 Mentoring and Advocacy Project

Junction 21 mentoring and advocacy project is a young person’s support project managed by us.

The project delivers a range of youth services including:

  • mentoring
  • independent visiting
  • advocacy
  • missing children’s interviews
  • acting as an Appropriate Adult

We provide support for young people aged 10 to 21 who are vulnerable (age range depends on the service). This includes:

  • being placed in local authority care or leaving care
  • being at risk of offending
  • being at risk of anti-social behaviour
  • being at risk of poor educational achievement
  • being unable to control your emotions

Our interventions vary from short term pieces of advocacy work to long term independent visiting.


All looked after children have the right to receive confidential advice, support and information from an independent advocate. Your advocate can also help you to make a complaint if you are unhappy about:

  • the support you are receiving from children’s services
  • your accommodation
  • your education provision

An advocate will:

  • meet you regularly
  • listen to you and offer positive support
  • make sure your voice is heard
  • advise you of your rights and the complaints process
  • help you to contribute to plans that involve you
  • help you build your support network
  • represent you at professional meetings
  • assist you to make a complaint or to fill in forms
  • help increase your self confidence
  • help to empower you to make positive decisions

Confidential support

What you discuss with your advocate or mentor is confidential. There are a few exceptions to this. They may have to pass on information if you speak about:

  • you hurting yourself (suicide or self-harm)
  • someone threatening or hurting you
  • you saying you might hurt someone else, or knowing if someone else will get hurt
  • a crime is about to be committed, or they have information that might catch someone who committed a crime

In these situations the co-ordinator might have to tell other people, for example the police or social services. They will always try to inform you if they have to tell people outside Junction 21, unless it is an emergency and there isn’t time.

Register for services

If you think you would like an advocate or a mentor, speak to your parent, carer, social worker, ISRO or an appropriate adult about a referral then contact us.

You, or your trusted adult, can then fill out a referral/consent form and submit to the contact below. 

Junction 21 mentoring service

Central Chambers
24-26 Walliscote Road
BS23 1UP

Substance Advice Service

To find out more about how we support young people with substance queries or information, please see our Substance Advice Service.