Inappropriate or harmful sexual behaviour

If you have a concern about a young person and inappropriate sexual behaviour (ISB) or harmful sexual behaviour (HSB), you should refer them to the Youth Inclusion Support Project (YISP). Please complete the relevant pages of the YISP referral form that relate to your concern in as much detail as possible and include the young person's opinions.

All young people who meet the criteria for ISB or HSB are prioritised for assessment. Once the young person has been assessed, a decision will be made on the most appropriate intervention.

If the concerns are significant enough, a harmful sexual behaviour (HSB) intervention will be offered. If appropriate, an Assessment, Intervention, Moving-on (AIM) may be completed. Lower level or inappropriate sexual behaviour is managed through a YISP. All YOS workers supporting ISB and HSB have specific training in this area of work. All work is completed with young people on a voluntary engagement basis.

We can work with a young person around general issues of consent but we cannot talk about a specific incident if there is an active investigation taking place. Any young person charged with a HSB related offence will automatically receive support with Court and Community Supervision Team. They are not suitable for an ISB or HSB referral.

If you have any questions regarding HSB, please email the YOS Harmful Sexual Behaviour leads: Josie Bennett (senior social worker) and Jenny Tungate (senior practitioner for YISP)